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Everything you must know to pass the PMP Exam


Be familiar with project management and the PMBOK Guide, sixth edition


The PMP practice tests give you immediate access to 2800+ realistic PMP exam sample questions. Question style and difficulty match closely what you can expect to see on your actual exam.

here's what will be covered in this course:

• Practice tests By Knowledge Areas 

• Practice tests By Process Groups  

•  Full-length Mock Exams 

•  PMP Change Management 

•  PMP Exam Outline 

 • PMP Formula Challenge Exam

- Each question is supported by answer explanations which will allow you to understand the reasoning behind the correct answer choice.

- Repetition is the mother of learning! You can do this!

Who this course is for

PMP exam candidates aiming to pass the PMP exam on their first attempt

Course content :
  • 2829 Questions

1067 Questions
Project Management Framework 32 Questions
Project Scope Management 71 Questions
Project Schedule Management 68 Questions
Project Cost Management 55 Questions
Project Quality Management 79 Questions
Project Resource Management 95 Questions
Project Communications Management 56 Questions
Project Risk Management 105 Questions
Project Procurement Management 74 Questions
Project Stakeholders Management 64 Questions
Project Integration Management 195 Questions
PMP Change Management 53 Questions
PMP Exam Outline Questions ( Domains ) 51 Questions
PMP Exam Maths, Formulas and Equations 20 Questions
Exam 5 49 Questions
961 Questions
Initiating 110 Questions
Planning 325 Questions
Executing 225 Questions
Monitoring and Controlling 240 Questions
Closing 61 Questions
801 Questions
Exam 1                                  200 Questions
Exam 2                                  201 Questions
Exam 3                                  200 Questions
Exam 4                                  200 Questions

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    بعد الله ومجهودات المهندس سيد في الشرح والاختبارات تمكنا المهندس سمير والمهندس فهد من تجوازالاختبار وانصح الجميع بالاشتراك مع المهندس سيد عن تجربة شخصيه مع العلم اني جربت كذا سميليشن لاكن لم يفيدوني زي اسلة المهندس سيد وشرح لها شكرا مهندس سيد

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