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“PMP و RMP انا الحمدلله نجحت في SP يرجى تجديد كورس ال”

Ibrahim Hussein

“الشرح اكثر من رائع والاسئلة متنوعة ونسبة كبيرة منها above target بالامتحان الحقيقي ،والنتيجة الحمد لله شكرا لك م سيد محسن المحترم ، وبالتوفيق دائما ❤️”

alaa saad ahmed elsadik Egypt

“دوره مفيده ومنكم نستفيد”

Radwan ammari Saudi Arabia

“1- الاكاديمية ممتازة ومتطورة من موقع وتطبيق سهلت الوصول للمواد بسرعة وسهولة بأي وقت ومكان. ٢- الجدول الزمني لتقسم المحاضرات مريح ومرن. ٣- الشرح واضح وكافي وباللغتين وبلغة مشابهة للغة الاختبار. ٤- بنك الاسئلة ممتاز ومشابهة جدا لاسلوب الاختبار وجزء كبير من بنك الاسئلة متطابقة مع اسئلة الاختبار الحقيقي. ٥- الاكاديمية داعمة لك حتى تنجح بالاختبار! اشكر المهندس على مجهوده وابارك له نجاحي من أول محاولة .”

Manal Almulhim Saudi Arabia

“I would like to say thank you so much for Mr. sayed.. In fact, he can guide us to the targeted point, I have taken a project management course twice ago, but I have not earned a benefits, skills as it was in Tricks course.. I will stay with this great online education platform (Pm-Tricks ).. best regards,,”

Yasser Ali Asiry Saudi Arabia

“Thank you Sayed for this great platform. To the website visitors: You are reading this feedback, then you are in the right place to get your PMP certificate very soon. Sayed explains this very tough course in a very good way where you can understand all PMP materials very easily plus great amount of practice questions for the real exam. If you are interested in getting the PMP certificate, do not leave the site after reading this feedback! Sign up, watch the videos very closely, follow up Sayed’s plan and get your PMP certificate!. Do not try to memorize anything while preparing for this exam, just understand. All the best!”

Ali Al Naser Saudi Arabia

“هل Rmp اختبارها بالعربي ايضا او انجليزي”

Meshal Saudi Arabia

“Once again i have depended only on the material provided by Eng. sayed Mohsen to study for my RMP certificate and followed the study plan "only 20-dyas", honestly i didn't try to get any other material especially after my wonderful experience to get the PMP certificate. Finally i got my RMP certificate from PMI with above target result in all domains. Appreciate efforts done on the package and continues support from Eng.sayed mohsen and Eng. Ameed till getting my certificate”

Ahmed Tawhed United Arab Emirates

“the outline of this course is amazing as it elaborates the material needed in such an amazing and easy way and it gives you all the tools and know how to pass any exam. although my exam was not as per the format of the questions in the questions backpage, i felt i had gained the training needed to answer with confident. thanks for evey one who worked on this programm especially the one and only Sayed Mohsen.”

Ayoob Qatar

“thanks engineer sayed& ameed for the great opportunity. above average alhamdollah.”

Othman United Arab Emirates

“محتوى رائع و مطابق بنسبه كبيره للامتحان الدولي Pm tricks و بس😅”

mahmoud otoom Kazakhstan

“The Instructor, Mr Sayed Mohsen, Has made A GREAT Job Putting The Material Together Which made It Much Easier To Break The Ice And Get Very Familiar With All PMP exam Concepts. The Exam Questions: make sure to Solve EVERY Exam On The Website. The Explanations Are Very Comprehensive And Stated Beautifully, So It Serves As A Revision To The Core Material. Thank You Mr Sayed For All Of The Extraordinary Efforts In Delivering This Course.”

Sajeda Abdo Saudi Arabia


Mohammed Saudi Arabia

“ومن لا يشكر الناس لا يشكر الله I have taken the PMP exam today and it was consists of 20-30% questions from the 6-exams from PM-TRICKS PMP course (literally identical questions word-by-word). Special thanks to everyone working on this great website and to Mr. Mohsen for his great and incredible effort to come up with valuable PMP course content. I highly recommend to follow the proposed plan from Mr.Mohsen and solve all questions (do not miss or avoid any question from them and you have to understand the reason/explanation of the answer). وبالتوفيق للجميع بإذن الله”

Anas Oman

“برجاء ارجاع الفيدوهات التي اخدتها في كورسي على صفحتي حتى اتمكن من المراجعة واتمام الامتحان”

Hany Al Sayed Saudi Arabia

“كل الشكر والتقدير لكم”

عبدالله علي مسفر الشمراني Saudi Arabia

“اتوجه بالشكر الخالص و التقدير البالغ ل م سيد محسن علي مابذله معي في كورس ال PMP و المجموعه الكاملة من الاسئلة المتميزة علي كل الشباتر و البروسسيس جروب و كذلك الخمس امتحانات المميزة جدا هذه التجربة لها اكبر الاثر علي لما اتاحته لي من افرص اطلاق الطاقات عندي و كانت مميزة جدا و منظمة جدا جدا الموقع رائع و يلبي الكثيير و الكثير من الرغبات اتمني للم سيد و الموقع المزيد من التقدم و العمل الدائم علي التطوير و انصح جميع الراغبين بكورس مثل هذا الاعتماد علي الموقع و كورس م سيد محسن و الشكر لا يفي حقكم”

Usama Afify Egypt

“من أفضل الكورسات والاختبارات التي تثري معلوماتك وتهيئك للاختبار ... يعطيك العافية م.سيد”

Adnan Abdullah Mutahar Saudi Arabia

“بفضل الله ثم الباكدج الرائعه للموقع تم اجتياز اختبار PMP بتفوق شكرا مهندس سيد علي دعمك ومجهودك في الكورس ......مع تمنياتي بالتفوق الدائم”

Alsaeed Fathi Saudi Arabia

“الف الف شكر للمهندس سيد محسن علي الموقع الرائع و المجهود الضخم جدا و المختلف و المحتوي العلمي انا مش حقول اكتر من اني و انا اثناء الاختبار كنت امام اختبار الموقع بالضبط الف شكر مهندس سيد محسن”

Ahmed Kandil Egypt

Online Interactive Courses.


8 months ago

What is PMP and its importance?

What is PMP Certification?

PMP certification refers to the Project Management Professional certification provided by the PMI. PMP certification is considered to be one of the loftiest goals any project manager wants to pursue. PMP Certi...

8 months ago

project management professional Course PMP

project management professional (PMP) course is one of the training and educational programs that qualify you to obtain one of the largest globally recognized certifications in the field of project management, the PMP certification. This certification has been instrumental in the success of many individuals in this field, leading to unprecedented achievements. So, why not consider becoming one of them? All you have to do is read the following ...

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PMP  stands for Project Management Professional (PMP). PMP Certification, offered by  the Project Management Institute(PMI), is an industry-recognized credential forproject managers. PMP certification demonstrates the project manager'sexperience, knowledge, skills, and competencies  required to lead and direct  projects. 

The PMP certification is ideal for  Project and Program Managers, Delivery Managers, Project/Team Leaders,Consultants, Senior Executives, IT Managers, Project Team Members, and  PMO  staff.

The PMP certification demonstrates the experience, education, skill andcompetency required to lead and direct projects.

 PMP certification holders earnan average of 20% more than non-certified project managers. Getting certified  showcases core skills in project management that can be used in any country andin any industry, and with any project management methodology.

The eligibility requirementsfor PMP® certification are:



  Project Management Experience

  Project Management Education

Secondary degree (high school diploma )

  5 years/7500 hours

  35 hours

Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree )

  3 years/4500 hours

  35 hours


The PMP®certification exam fees for PMI® members and nonmembers are:





PMI® Membership fee


PMI® Membership renewal fee

$129 per year

Reexamination fee for PMI® members


Reexamination fee for non-members


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